“CHECK Your TYRE Tread 

                            It Could SAVE YOUR LIFE”                                                                                                

TYRE Safety Months -1st October to December 2019

From 1stOctober to 31st December 2019 highlighting the dangers of driving on tyres which have insufficient tread depth, making them both illegal and dangerous.

Lifesaver in your pocket. Checking the tread depth of your tyres may be a lot easier than you think.

Inserting a 20Cent  coin into the main tread grooves of your tyres gives you a good indication of whether your tyres have sufficient tread depth. If the outer band of the 20Cent coin is visible when inserted into the tread, your tyres may be illegal and you should have them checked by a qualified tyre specialist. If the outer band is not visible on the coin, then your tyres have a tread depth well above the legal limit.

The Law

The current law states that tyres must have a minimum of 1.5mm of tread across the 1.5 mm deep in all the principal grooves of the tyre the, (excluding any tie-bar or tread depth indicator strip) and around the entire circumference of the tyre. The principal grooves are the ones containing moulded tread depth indicators. Drivers with tyres that fail to meet these standards face a fine of up to $150.00 and x number of demerit points per illegal tyre. Tread wear isn’t the only factor that reduces grip in older tyres. As most tyres age, the rubber hardens, further reducing                            wet-weather performance  

The Dangers

Vehicles fitted with tyres that do not have the legal amount of tread pose a danger to the driver of that vehicle and to other road users. Stopping distances are increased, cornering ability is reduced and the likelihood of aquaplaning is increased, all as a result of illegal tread depth.

Space-Saver Tyres

Many modern cars are equipped with temporary-use or space-saver spare tyres which are smaller and lighter than standard spares. These tyres are usually about the width of a motorcycle tyre. Space-saver tyres normally need to be inflated to a higher pressure. Make sure yours is inflated properly.Space-saver tyres should be used only in an emergency – they are not designed to be used over long distances. Space-saver tyres have a speed restriction of 80 km/h. Your vehicle’s handling may also be different when a space-saver is fitted. Drive carefully and never fit more than one space-saver tyre to a vehicle. As long as you keep to these guidelines and your space-saver tyre is in good condition, it is safe to drive on.

Getting involved

Tyre retailers, garages, fleets and many other organisations will be taking part in tyre safety month and promoting the `lifesaver in your pocket`. A range of FREE materials are available to promote this key safety initiative and help make the NZ roads safer.

Posters – ‘CHECK YOUR TREAD’ posters are available from NixCrew and can be displayed  prominently.

Leaflet – Our campaign leaflet explaining the importance of tyre tread depth and how to check this by using a 20Cent coin.

If you need any further information please call Team NixCrew member who will be able to help you