Injury Prevention is our Mission

What started as a committed and passionate group of people is now grown to advocate for Injury Prevention in areas of:

• Crime Prevention in the Community
• Promoting Road Safety Awareness
• Violence is NOT OKAY
• Advocating for Children, Youth and Women
• Safer Communities 
• Promoting Leadership in the Community

In the last 18 years, Team NixCrew has advocated on behalf communities Auckland wide.

We have collaborated with the following organizations:

• The Office of the Race Relations Commissioner
• The Officer of Ethnic Affairs 
• Auckland City Council 
• Waitakere Ethnic Board
• Family Foundation
• Safe Waitakere Injury Prevention 
• WAVES, Fatima Foundation, Shakti

NixCrew Trust was originally set up to raise Road Safety awareness and education towards being safe on the roads, wearing seat belts,  we are now involved in the many socio-economic influences affecting communities.

We know that to adapt to a new country is not an easy transition. Our families find it difficult to settle especially given the new laws of New Zealand which they are not accustomed to.

NixCrew Trust is increasing its advocacy in public participation and promoting democracy, eco environments, law and legal issues to as many people as possible by way of emails, social media and active involvement in community partnerships. We are keen to make a difference so that families can build a safe future. 

16 Rosewarne Crescent, Glendene, Auckland
Tel: 818 4450

Mobile: 021813607